Horticultural Talks

Whilst studying and working over the past 12 years, I have gained a reputation for being an excitable plant-lover, who tries to enthuse gardening groups about whichever plant groups I may be discussing.

I am happy to travel up to 20 miles for talks as a general rule, but further distances can be travelled after consultation. I also work full time, so evenings or weekends are the most suitable times for me to accommodate.

The very best plants for [month] Live (Mar-Nov)

My favourite talk to deliver, these are best held from March to early November. It entails me bringing some cut material, and living plants to discuss with the audience. I often describe this type of session as 'me waving plants around at the front and getting all excited about them'. Plants are also available for sale, most often relating to the plants I am discussing too which is popular with group members.

The title can be changed on a talk by talk basis if you want to call it something more jazzy.

Plants You Thought You Shouldn't Like Live (May-Nov) PowerPoint

A look at plants that people often dismiss. In this talk, I go through the merits of shrubs and some others that people seem to write-off without really appreciating the wealth of enjoyment they can bring if given a second chance.

Classy Plants For Classy Gardeners Live (May-Nov) PowerPoint

A selection of old and new introductions that everybody should consider finding room for in their outdoor space. A look at some of the plants that I really rate at the moment.

What Have We Got That's New For You? Live (Apr-Jun) PowerPoint

The very latest introductions available for nurseries to grow this year that you should be looking out for. A look at things we are growing at Pershore that you may not just yet find in a regular Garden Centre.

Making Two Gardens From Scratch PowerPoint

A talk better suited to audiences who may already be familiar with me or my work at the College. A look at the two gardens (and a house in between) that I've built from scratch. A good chance to be nosey!

Talks In The Making

Pershore (& Related) Plant Introductions Live (June-Oct) PowerPoint

A look at plants raised by the nursery at Pershore College, and by associated people too such as Ron Sidwell.

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